Recorded Programs


Recording of FOGS April 1st program            Discover Indiana Tours
presented by Diane Stepro,, Jeffersonville Township Public Library            Watch  
Focusing especially on two new tours of Clark County: African American History in Clark County and Orphans of Clark County.
In the tours, you’ll meet some of the most heroic, tragic, and memorable characters of Clark County’s past.

Recording of FOGS March 4th program
The US Army Corps of Engineers at Louisville
presented by Brandon Brummett, P.E., PMP, US Army Corps of Engineers          Watch 

Recording of FOGS February 4th program
Davis Floyd and the anti-slavery struggle in Southern Indiana 1802-1809
by Bill Smith, retired lawyer, historian          Watch          
transcripts: part1   the rest of the story         Davis Floyd in-depth

Recording of FOGS January 7th program
The Burr Conspiracy
by Zachary Distel, Curator & Program Exhibit Director at Sons of the American Revolution          Watch 

Recording of FOGS November 5th program
The Sexual and Gender Rhetoric of War: Manliness in Massachusetts during the Imperial Crisis
by Dr. Kelly Ryan, executive vice-chancellor for academic affairs at Indiana University Southeast        Watch  

Recorded Program: Southern Indiana Genealogical Society
Motors and Mass Rallies” Women’s suffrage program September 3rd
by Dr. Anita Morgan, IUPUI Senior Lecturer in History            Watch

SIGS Retrospective 

A review of the early years of the Southern Indiana Genealogical Society by Donna Foster        Watch